Hepar Formula, 90 tablets.

Complex for liver tissue repair

90 capsules



The impact of such damaging external factors, such as: deteriorating ecology, unbalanced nutrition, increased intake of various drugs, as well as stagnant and inflammatory processes in the liver itself, leads to a significant decrease in its functional activity and its ability to self-repair.

Hepar Formula is a complex of plant extracts and phospholipids, supporting the recovery processes in liver cells; it accelerates tissue regeneration after inflammatory diseases (hepatitis), protects the liver from the adverse effects of the environment and contact with harmful or poisonous substances.

The active substances in Salsola Colina and Milk Thistle extracts protect, restore and heal liver cells, as well as reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Benedictine thistle and artichoke prevent stagnation in the hepatobiliary system, thanks to their ability to activate the synthesis of bile fluid and ease its outflow. Artichoke preparations are effective for nausea, heaviness, flatulence and pain associated with poor liver function. Phospholipids important for the body (choline, inositol and lecithin) strengthen the membranes of liver cells and protect them from fatty infiltration and the development of cirrhosis. Amino acid methionine normalizes choline metabolism and strengthens processes related to protein metabolism, helping to restore it. Vitamin B6 regulates the course of enzymatic reactions and improves energy metabolism. The documented ability of the Hepar Formula bioactive complex to restore elements of the damaged structure, as well as the functioning of liver cells and the hepatobiliary system as a whole, is a serious reason to use the preparation in acute and chronic infectious diseases of the liver.


  • toxic liver damage (occupational, medicinal, alcoholic)
  • fatty hepatosis (accumulation of fat in the cells)
  • acute and chronic inflammatory liver diseases, cirrhosis
  • chronic diseases of the gallbladder, dyskinesia (bending) of the bile ducts
  • opisthorchosis
  • pancreatitis

Clinically proven effect.

Recommendations for use: „Hepar formula“ is recommended as a food supplement, an additional source of vitamin B6 and flavolignans. „Hepar formula“ supports the improvement of the functional state of the liver and bile ducts, including in acute and chronic inflammatory processes. Effectiveness is clinically proven.

Dosage: for adults, 1 tablet 3 times a day during meals.

Taking 3 tablets (recommended daily dose) provides: flavolignans (silybin) – 4.5 mg – 15%, vitamin B6 – 1.8 mg – 90% of daily needs.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components. Consult your doctor before use.

It’s not medicine.

Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry place out of the reach of children.

COMPOSITION: artichoke (root) – 54 mg, milk thistle – 54 mg, choline bitartrate – 50 mg, inositol – 50 mg, lecithin – 40 mg, catnip extract – 27 mg, L-methionine – 25 mg, turmeric – 10 mg, milk thistle extract – 6.25 mg, vitamin B6 – 0.6 mg.


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